Crump Elementary School

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  • COVID - Wear A Mask

    Combining prevention steps, including having everyone wear a mask correctly, keeping people 6 ft apart, 洗手, cleaning and maintaining healthy environments & 接触者追踪. Phased school reopening based on community transmission levels. 增加测试. Vaccinating teachers, staff, & 社区.

  • 虚拟学习 Tips for Parents

    As many MPS families continue, their experience having their child attend school virtually –even 父母 with experience can use some fresh ideas to start the new school year. Here are proven tips from teachers and 父母 of virtual school students to help your child get ready!





    Principal Randy Shaw

    欢迎! I have been with Montgomery Public Schools for 35 years. I feel privileged to have the opportunity to work with the students, 父母, and community of Peter Crump Elementary School.  Our mission is to engage, educate and inspire our students to succeed in college, career and beyond!

    We have much to be proud of here at Crump.  Our faculty and staff are dedicated to the welfare of the students, making their needs our top priority. We strive daily to nurture, guide and motivate each student to work hard toward success and become a life-long learner.  

    In an effort to increase student achievement, Crump has an intervention plan that includes in-school tutoring and an after-school program that offers students extra instruction in reading and math.

    Data from the ALSDE indicates that all our hard work is paying off. Crump has achieved a “B” on the state report card by showing 100% growth! 

    Technology is an area of pride for Crump as every student will have their own Chromebook that they will use for the year.  Our teachers use technology in instruction daily and expect students to be able to function in a digital environment.  Every classroom has a Smartboard used for interactive engagement and instruction. Our Computer Lab houses 30 up-to-date desktop computers where students learn to create multimedia projects and use information technology. 

    We are proud of our school and I look forward to working with the students, 父母 and teachers to make this an exciting and successful year!



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