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  • How Sick Is Too Sick For School?

    Parents review this important information about when its best to keep your child at home when he/she isn't feeling well. (点击标题)

  • COVID - Wear A Mask

    Combining prevention steps, including having everyone wear a mask correctly, keeping people 6 ft apart, 洗手, cleaning and maintaining healthy environments & 接触者追踪. Phased school reopening based on community transmission levels. Increased testing. Vaccinating teachers, staff, & 社区.

  • 虚拟学习 Tips for Parents

    As many MPS families continue, their experience having their child attend school virtually –even parents with experience can use some fresh ideas to start the new school year. Here are proven tips from teachers and parents of virtual school students to help your child get ready!



  • 父母,

    Our shirt sale will start on Friday, January 14th, and end on   Friday, February 4th.  This year everything will be done through the online store http://d-ramer-school.cheddarup.com .  AB Sportswear will deliver the orders to the school about two (2) weeks after the sale ends.  These shirts will be allowed to be worn on Fridays.  If you have any questions please call the school at (334) 562-3250.

     School Spirit Wear



    校长博士. 詹姆斯•欧文斯I am honored to be the principal of the "Best Kept Secret in Montgomery County".  The students and faculty have worked hard to make Dunbar Ramer School a "Jewel" of this community.  在邓巴公, we pride ourselves in providing our students with a safe environment and rigorous academic program.

    Our grade configuration makes us unique.  We are the only K-8 school in the Montgomery Public School System.  Dunbar Ramer has a low teacher/pupil ratio which affords us the opportunity to provide struggling studens with immediate assistance.  Technology is a focus in our school.  We continue to improve our classroom technology resources for our children; and our staff continues to develop the effective skills needed to prepare our students for the future.

    We are focused on providing each student with a variety of educational activities that will enhance their skills to become productive citizens.  

    Dr. 詹姆斯•欧文斯